Artisan handcrafted luxuriously plush cushion of comfort for your little pet. This handmade stylish couch bed features a high-quality all solid wood frame (no particle board) handcrafted by artisan's hand, soft and superior fabric selection and elevated legs for an elegantly modern look complimenting any decor by customizing, coming in a spectrum of fabulously chic colors and patterns.


Cushion padded all around making it the comfiest. Lifted high off the ground and layers of plush cushioning ensures your best friend a sound slumber. Ideal for up to 50 pounds.

Rover Luxury Small Mini Sofa Pet Dog Cat Couch

$450.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price
  • High-quality all solid wood frame (no particle board) handcrafted by artisan's hand.

    Dimensions: 22.5 x 22 x 29.5 (without legs)

    Leg Options:

    • No legs
    • 360 Swivel Steel/Rubber Wheels - 1 inch
    • Plastic Leg - 2 inches

    Fabric Selection:

    • PU Leather - 100% Breathable Polyurethane
    • Microfiber Velvet  - 100% Polyester
    • Microfiber Linen - 100% Polyester


    Manufacturing Tolerance

    Seller guarantees that each handmade furniture order is manufactured within a tolerance of two inches (2’’) or ninety to ninety-five percent (90-95%) for any dimensions, consistent with currency with current industry standards. 


    Textiles and Samples

    Viewing with a cell phone, computer monitor, etc. textiles samples due to size may not represent a full pattern perspective of the design. Dye lots may vary slightly from one sample to another and overall when applied to the upholstery. Natural fiber textiles lot will each have their own unique characteristics including variation in color, grain and natural markings. The characteristics are not flaws; rather they are unique features inherent to leather. Textile samples do not constitute a warranty and Seller does not warrant that the textile used on any particular item of furniture will precisely match the texture, color of any particular sample of that textile. Textiles and textile samples are subject to availability.


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